Ouch, That Hurt…

Don’t you just hate it when you are cruising along, in a good mood, getting things done – and then someone jabs you with a comment that, while probably not intended to upset you, really just hurts pretty bad?

I hate it when that happens.

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

6 replies on “Ouch, That Hurt…”

I’m so excited to be hanging out with you girls again next Friday that I can hardly stand it! the boy has agreed to be my designated driver again so it should be a real doozy! 😉

You know, as I was reading this, “Everybody Hurts” came on the radio. Weird.

Yeah, best not to let it get you down. Just remember it’s easy to opine rudely out in cyberland… people can’t slap anyone directly.


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