Patterns Galore…

I think I have finally found “the” pattern! I want to make these Wrist Warmers for when my classes are freezing cold. [via Chickybabe’s Drive-by Knitting.]

I am also considering Eris for my first sweater. I love the cardigan version! I will admit that I am scared by the fact that the pattern is 40 pages long.

I think I should show up at my Biology final sporting the DNA scarf and the Flying Spaghetti Monster hat.

So I want to knit all of these things and so much more. Oh, did I mention that I can’t knit on anything larger than a US 2 needle right now? Anything else causes quick hand numbness? So … yeah. But a girl can dream…

By Christine

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2 replies on “Patterns Galore…”

Give Eris a try when as you can. The reason it is 40 pages is because it has both the cardigan and pullover instructions. Does that make it feel less intimidating? 😀

All of her patterns are extremely well written. I did Rogue in almost no time and love it. I am planning on making another one after the holidays.

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