PDA Versions, Please?

Now that I have set up a PDA version of my blog, and Jennifer and Promo have theirs set up, I would like to request that the following people add PDA versions to their site. Jennifer & I discussed this on IM earlier, even. Please? Pretty please? Here’s my wishlist. You can use my PDA page template even if you want to!

Michele, Candi, Patti, Robyn, Todd, Gretchen and Chris

Personally, I agree with Promo and wish everyone would do it. But these are the people I would add to my Handspring tonight before I head out for Atlanta in the morning. That way I could easily read it all on the plane. But alas … I can’t. Except for Candi. Jennifer figured out how to add her “Rants” page as a channel, so I can at least read that. Anyone else want to make a PDA page for me tonight?

By Christine

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10 replies on “PDA Versions, Please?”

I’d sure do that, but like Robyn, I don’t have a PDA yet either. E’ll have one soon, but doesn’t yet, so once he does… (in the next few weeks), I’ll definitely try it out 🙂 Oh yes, I know I wasn’t on your list, but thought I’d share that anyhow :giggle:

I feel all honored and stuff!

If someone would tell me how to do this, I would. I am on the clueless train here. So if someone wants to email me and tell me what to do, maybe I could get it done before you leave.

Ok, you know I can’t deny my schnookems anything! 😉 We both have PDA-friendly links at our blogs now… Sorry we didn’t have ’em up in time for your trip though. Hope you’re back home safe ‘n’ sound!

I own a PDA. 🙂 I will prolly do a PDA page sometime, but not until I get viewers that ask for one. Hell, I bet I could count the ppl who read my page on a regular basis on one hand. (Even if I lost a finger or two in a horrible accident.)

Note the comment “I wish everyone would do it”… I wasn’t being selective when I made my list. I listed people though who post often or have longer posts… Ones that take me awhile to read, are more “journal” like. Ah, something like that. I didn’t list *everyone* that I would love to see have one because then the list would be really long! Like I said, I would add all the PDA pages I could find to my PDA… ’cause I love everyone!

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