Pink Polka Dots…

I am either covered in small strange bug bites, or I have hives. I’m pretty sure they are hives. There are no bumps where a bug would have bitten me, and they are mainly on my torso, with some on my arms. The mosquito bite on my back is different then the rest of them, adding to my hives theory.

Question is – why do I have hives? I haven’t been exposed to anything new, I haven’t eaten anything different, nothing has changed since yesterday. It’s very odd.

It’s either hives, or I’m just getting pink polka dot spots all over! Now where is the Benadryl?

By Christine

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Umm… First thoughts, coming from the mom side of me. 1. It’s a virus and that’s how it’s presenting itself.
2. It’s an allergic reaction to a viral infection. YES, this is possible, my son has had it.

Hope your spots go away soon!

2 other thoughts:

1. I get hives like that from the sun when I haven’t been in direct sunlight for a while and I suddenly am out in the sun like all day. This didn’t always happen – just started randomly one summer.

2. Rosiola – I had this when I was younger and it’s main symptom is red spots. A day later I had a high fever that lasted maybe 3 days.

You should probably call your doctor to go in and nip it in the bud. Not trying to be a downer but it’s always safer to go 🙂

Weren’t you working in the yard yesterday? Pink dots don’t sound like hives to me. But what do I know? Did Mike put down any chemicals over the weekend? I know once when you were a kid and outside you were allergic to some weed. You need to shower as soon as you come in but I know that you did so that theory is out the window!

If they aren’t gone in the morning, I’m supposed to call my doctor back and go in to see him. We put lawn treatment down over the weekend, but I’ve had shoes on every time I’m outside, and after working outside yesterday I took a shower right away – it was HOT out there! Blech.

I think I’m going to go and pick up some Claritin to see if that helps – the doctor said there is a Claritin Hives formula.

Shingles? I can’t remember what they first presented as, but I know by the time they were roaring I was willing to peel my skin off with a potato peeler to make IT STOP ITCHING!

Benadryl will work if it’s allergic reaction. Benadryl clear is so much better than the Caladryl stuff. Smells nicer, too.

I love pink polka dots! I wish i had em! OOO They would look even better with lime green! They would match everything in my closet! Ps. Sry about the message right above this one i wrote that too but i messed up and put my message where the name was supposed to go! OOPS! BLonde moment.

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