PISD, Uniforms, and much more…

Read my post over at Nobody’s Bitch about school uniforms and PISD. (Pearland ISD) Read the Houston Chronicle article where my best friend’s son, Jordan, is interviewed regarding his feelings about being forced to wear a uniform to public school: Pearland pupils divided over new standardized-dress code. Then let me know what you think. Was PISD wrong in implementing the dress code without a parent’s or tax payer’s vote? Does the dress code & the punishments go too far? And, in general, how do you feel about uniforms in public schools?

I always swore I would see Chelsey on Jerry Springer some day. I am starting to think it is going to be her and the Superintendent having a knock-down over this uniform issue! Anyways, Chelsey will be speaking before the PISD Board tomorrow, along with the media there. Channel 2, KPRC, already contacted her today – bet they want the early scoop on the story! She is very nervous about it. I keep telling her, I am behind her 100%. My official press statement is “Regardless of my personal opinions on the standardized uniform issue, I support Ms. Edwards in her attempts to overcome the totalitarian rule of PISD. PISD was unfair in their implementation of the dress code without allowing the parents to have a referendum to vote on the issue. This is America, and the tax payers should be allowed to make that decision, NOT the “PISD” board.” Then I get out the Sprite bottle and spray everyone with Sprite. (Sorry, long story…)

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Their whole argument of it allows students to become equal is total bullshit. There will still be kids who can shop at the Gap for polo’s, while others are left shopping at WalMart. It’s just a way teachers and school admins (try) to control these kids.

And now with all of these girls dressing like Brittany Spears – wtf? That’s all the more pressure to be thin, pretty, rich, etc. To hell with it all.. level the playing field.

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