Places of Note… rated the top 25 stolen cars of 2000. I have one question. WHO would steal a Dodge Neon??? How on EARTH did it make it to the list? (At number 23) My 1999 Honda Civic EX is not on the list – but there sure are a lot of Hondas there.

I have got to sign up for the Quack the Duck World Tour. I noticed Houston is not on the list, and we can’t have that now, can we? Also, I need to visit Her Blog more often. Also need to point her towards August Max for Women’s (Plus) Clothing. They have very nice business type clothes there, Casual Corner quality. Plus I like them because I can wear their size 12 clothes!

By Christine

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Even better than the Neon, try a 93 Ford Escort. It doesn’t go faster than 85 mph, but yet mine has been broken into 4 times. The last time the people were too stupid to get the ignition to turn over to take it. Sad too, they would of done me a great favour…

You can race a Neon? Wow. Hmmm… maybe it’s because you don’t care if you wreck it? 🙂 I used to own a Dodge Shadow, (the shaaaaaadowww…) so I guess I should be nice. I drove it all over the Autobahn in Germany – but the BMW’s and Mercedes would just FLY past me, puttering along at 90 or 95mph.

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