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Please Say Yes or No…

As much as I hate the automated phone systems that have taken over society, I have gotten used to them. “Press 1 for yes, 2 for no.” That I can handle. The latest technology wave? Voice activated systems. And I have to be honest. They drive me NUTS. I just called in to regarding a ticket reservation. The lovely female voice greets you with a friendly, “Thank you for calling Travelocity. Would you like to …” and lists off items. No instructions – I guess you’re just supposed to know to talk back at this computer. I didn’t. I waited a second or two for the numeric menu options. Finally I realized what I was supposed to do. The whole menu was voice activated like that, and only once did she say, “Please say yes or no.” It was a relief when I hit the part where I was allowed to key in they trip reservation code instead of having to read out a 12 digit number. Thank goodness. But overall? I don’t like them. I prefer the human touch, and the fake computer woman wasn’t cutting it. What do you think?

By Christine

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I just went to this exact same scenario with sprintpcs. They actually “name” their voice “claire” and give a few directions, but I still found it more confusing than pressing buttons. I suppose for disabled persons, this might be a good idea, but perhaps they could give us a choice?

Try calling such a system through a TTY and relay operator! Typical call:

Me: Please call 972-555-5555.

Relay: Dialing. Ringing 1… recording. Thank you for calling Humanless Company. Press 1 for customer service. Press 2 to update your account… you get the idea.

Me: Press 4.

Relay: It’s hung up. Redialing to Press 4. Pressed 4. Press 1 for so and so. Press 2 for this. Press…

Me: Press 2.

Relay: It’s hung up. Pressed 4. Pressed 2.

Rinse, Lather, Repeat this hell until I miraculously find my way somewhere.

Ha, that’s like my school. If you skip class some bloody robot calls you and goes: “This is Thornlea Secondary Calling. A student in your household in Grade 9, was absent during period 4…” and so forth, and they give you like a million Press 1 to call the office, Press 2 to hear this message again, options it drives me insane. After you press one press more hundred buttons and say things, and oh dear, It’s pain in the butt.

Haha, I just rambled on and on, hope you don’t mind.

I agree. I usually screw around with them (saying things like “cat” or “dog” when I’m supposed to be saying “yes” or “no”) until they put me on with a real person. I’m not being totally obnoxious, they usually can’t get past my southern accent, anyway.

Rachel, ramble all you want! Isn’t that what comments are for?

Todd, if I hear that on my phone, I think I’ll run screaming from it!

Shannon, that’s a GREAT idea! Next time I think I’ll try that. “Please say yes or no.” “Chicken”. See? That would be perfect!

I absolutely cannot stand voice systems. I deliberately refuse to push any buttons and wait for a real person. Usually it’s faster.

The longest run around I ever got following menus/voices was with my cell phone company!!!!! And I got charged for it. ggggrrrrr

Usually saying nothing gets you to the operator quickly, so that’s what I do. 🙂

With button-mashing systems, just hit 0 over and over again.

Automated: “Press 1 for…”
Me: 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0
Operator: “How can I help you?”

That usually gets it.

I agree with you completely – the ones that really irk are the ones where I answer the phone to be greated with, “Please hold for an important call.” If it were important they would have been there when I answered the phone.

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