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Pre-Evercrack – Back in the Day…

Remember back in the days before Evercrack? When D&D was the rage, our moms were worried that we were getting sucked in to a Satanic world? Well, my Mom didn’t worry because I didn’t play D&D, but I knew other kids who did. Now you can remember those days with 8 Bit D&D. Surgeon Specific would warn you that you should not be drinking anything as you watch this, or if you are, have paper towels handy to clean off the monitor. [via Todd and Lisa]

By Christine

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7 replies on “Pre-Evercrack – Back in the Day…”

okay, so i wasn’t a geek and played D&D… the closest i got was watching the cartoon. but this was a good laugh. i’m sure Tom would appreciate watching this. he used to play that back in the day…

Back in the day??? When D&D *WAS* the rage???? That scene was totally ripped off from a a game session at my house last Friday night. I’m missing *takes out dice and rolls 2d8+4* 20 years of my life because of that game. That’s what I get for playing an elf and endlessly quaffing Mountain Dew potions.

Phew, good thing I heeded the warning! 🙂 Though I’ve seen the original “commercial” with that script so I knew what to expect, it was funny seeing it in 8-bit characters. 🙂

ah! all that dialogue from the game was taken from the PS2 game Summoner – they had this little easter egg with that game were you could watch the characters/monsters playing D&D hehe it was funny – but still pretty cool the way they did this 🙂

You know, this reminds me of some of the weirder RPG sessions I have been through.

Everything from Vampire: The Masquerade, to Shadowrun, I have had many games like that. “No, you did not do that.” “Yes I did, I said I was gonna do it.”

I have way too many stories of stupid RPs gone wrong:)

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