Pro-Kerry for Many Reasons…

I was reading another site today that asked how, as a Christian, anyone could vote for Kerry. She felt that voting for him was against many Christian beliefs. I disagree. First and foremost, I don’t think our war-monger president is very Christian in the sense that he chose to go to war instead of making peace. On top of that, he claims to be pro-life, but executed more people in his time as Governor of Texas than anyone before him. How is that pro-life? When you say you are pro-life, do you get to pick and choose what lives you are for and what lives you are against? That doesn’t make sense to me.

Someone shared the link to this article in the comments. I think it has many, many good points that I agree with – and as a Christian, I will be voting for Kerry. (Because of who he is, not because of “anyone but Bush” sentiments.)

The Christian, Pro-Life, Pro-Kerry, Anti-Bush Argument.

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