Pro-Kerry for Many Reasons…

I was reading another site today that asked how, as a Christian, anyone could vote for Kerry. She felt that voting for him was against many Christian beliefs. I disagree. First and foremost, I don’t think our war-monger president is very Christian in the sense that he chose to go to war instead of making peace. On top of that, he claims to be pro-life, but executed more people in his time as Governor of Texas than anyone before him. How is that pro-life? When you say you are pro-life, do you get to pick and choose what lives you are for and what lives you are against? That doesn’t make sense to me.

Someone shared the link to this article in the comments. I think it has many, many good points that I agree with – and as a Christian, I will be voting for Kerry. (Because of who he is, not because of “anyone but Bush” sentiments.)

The Christian, Pro-Life, Pro-Kerry, Anti-Bush Argument.

By Christine

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I concur. As a Christian, I can’t understand how someone would vote for Bush, particularly because of how Bush sets up America as a Christian nation and represents us to the rest of the world.

sorry, but I just don’t see the connection between wanting to save the life of a baby due to the belief of life beginning at conception (I’m not saying that I necessarily agree with that belief) and executing violent criminals. not exactly comparable in my opinion.

while your site might be cute, your comments about christianity, unborn babies and violent criminals are not, you want to talk about people making choices, the unborn babies don’t have a choice – EVER – and the criminals have choices every day, the criminals make choices that land them on death row, now lets pull christianity into it, if you are a christian, you might recall the phrase “an eye for an eye”, are you truly a christian, or only when it suites you – and your choices?

Girl, the connection is that the real definition of “pro-life” is pro for *all* life. Not just unborn children – that is anti-abortion. There is a difference, although the terms are often used for the same thing. They are not the same, and his record with executions in Texas proves he is *not* pro-life.

Lala, I think I should point out to you that I am anti-abortion. (I wasn’t when I was younger, but am now.) I am most definitely Christian. However, I find it sad that Bush calls himself “Pro-Life”, when being truly pro-life means be for *all* life, whether they are an unborn child, a criminal, Iraqi, or anyone inbetween. Flaunting your “pro-life” status just to get votes is sad.

As for the eye for an eye thing, you might also recall that Jesus said to “turn the other cheek” and that the eye for an eye phrase is not appropriate under Jesus Christ’s guidelines for us. It’s in the book of Matthew in case you want to re-read it. Matthew 5:39, right after the Beatitudes. 5:38 is the verse where Jesus says that an eye for an eye is WRONG. Or are you Christian only when it suites you – and your choices?

Actually, as I tried to say… the question just came out wrong… I really wanted people to explain their thinking to me… but it is interesting reading different blogs and the thoughts it did bring out.

I tried reading the post on “Army of Mom” and … well, there is nothing there other than “please don’t vote for Kerry just because you don’t like Bush.” (For the record, I didn’t vote for Bush the first time either because I hated him as the governor of Texas. That won’t change for me.)

More importantly – some people will always vote Republican – no matter what. Some people will always vote Democrat – no matter what. I vote for who I believe in (no matter what party) and that will never be Bush. This election, it is Kerry. That is who I will vote for tomorrow, even though I suspect my vote in Texas will mean nothing thanks to the electoral college.

Although wouldn’t it be a riot if Kerry won Texas? That would rock. I’m voting because … well, one can hope.

I am curious then, as to WHY you are voting for Kerry, other than he is a Christian, do you have PROOF he is a christian, he probably has several stories as to when he became a christian, all conflicting though I am sure, as he has a good track record of conflicting himself…

Oh, geepers Lala. It’s BUSH that has the changing religious stories – heck, he has been a member of 2-3 different FAITHS since he became president. Kerry has been one faith all of his life. So no, he hasn’t changed his mind about anything.

As the first article says, I would prefer a president that is HUMBLE and can admit that he can make mistakes over Bush who can never admit mistakes. You may see it as changing his mind – I see it as learning and growing.

Other than that, go read Kerry’s entire presidental platform. THAT will tell you, for the most part, why I am voting for him. Sure, I don’t agree with every last item, but I agree with SO MUCH MORE than Bush’s platform. Plus Kerry will bring complete sentences back to the White House.

He still has no platform, does he? You’ve made no mention other than he is a humble christian as to why you are specifically voting for him. Do you know how many humble christians I know? LOTS! But they would not make a good president. Electing Kerry would be devestating to this country and the world. The man is an idiot. You want to talk about incomplete sentences in the white house, do you know what Kerry’s wife would bring? White trash, plain old trash not even high class white trash, just plain old trash. The woman would be a disgrace to the our country across the globe.

Actually, I didn’t ever say that I was voting for him because he is a humble Christian. I said that he is humble enough to admit errors and therefore change and correct past mistakes. That has nothing to do with his religion. I’m a firm believer in separation of church and state, so his religious beliefs have nothing to do with my voting choices, as long as he is not trying to push his Christian fundamentalist beliefs on all of the American society like Bush.

He DOES have a platform. I’m not here to spoon feed it to you. You can pick up a newspaper and read about it. Visit his website and read about it. That is not what this site is about, and is not the information that I provide here.

I have no issues with his wife either, and really have no clue why you do. Or what Kerry’s wife has to do with the fact that Bush sounds like an idiot almost every time he opens his mouth, the whole reason why he has had fewer press conferences than any president before him.

You know, you’re quick to jump up and down and tell me that I shouldn’t vote for Kerry – but not once have you bothered to give me solid facts (other than your sentiments) or reasons why I should vote for Bush – aside from the fact that you don’t like Kerry. I’m sorry you don’t like Kerry. I’ve hated Bush for 10 years. He has destroyed our economy, the entire globe mocks him, and he has taken our country in to debt over a war that should have never been fought for the very reasons his father didn’t finish it in 1991. You’re not going to change my mind in the next 12 hours before I vote for Kerry, and I really don’t care about changing yours. So, I’ll just end this here…

First, LaLa is a wingding!

Second, I loved reading that. I was walkind around town and saw a bumper sticker that bashed Catholics that voted for Kerry. I was so mad. These people do not look at all the facts, the reason he voted against the partial birth abortion ban (nothing in there about mothers), that he has the same belief as Bush on gay marriage. Very much upsets me.

To all of you Christians who talk so badly about Bush-
I am an active duty military member. We all knew what could happen when we joined the military. I
have served time in Iraq. Even though loosing fellow members is an aweful thing, war has always been apart of life. From Genisis to Revelation there was war. There will always be war until Jesus returns. This war is apart of the Prophecy in the Bible. No one is perfect. To vote for Kerry, in my opinion is wrong. I am also a Christian, I did vote for Bush. Why vote for someone who is for everything the bible says is wrong? The problem with the world today is that we all have lost focus of why we are here-TO SPREAD THE WORD OF GOD. I found this site while searching for religious issues for a term paper. I am only replying is b/c I am so disturbed by the fact that Christians lower the standard and vote for people who are not Christ like. I know Bush makes mistakes but don’t we all? We need to look outside of the box (the natural things) and seek the spiritual!

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