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Profound Debate…

Mike & I are in the midst of a profound debate right now. We need your help. Please leave a comment and let us know what you think…

Are Fred & Barney from “The Flintstones” more like Lucy & Ethel from “I Love Lucy” or like Ralph and Ed from “The Honeymooners”?

Backstory to follow – I don’t want to influence your opinions.

By Christine

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23 replies on “Profound Debate…”

ethel + lucy = fred + barney 4eva… yeah.
Fred and barney get into a lot of stupid situations just like lucy and ethel did. and barney is definitely on the ethel gullibility level. the only way they’re like ralph and ed from the honeymooners is that one is loud and bossy and the other isn’t. the antics prove the point.
i hope i proved mine. not the most eloquent and 1 in the morning.

It was designed as a Honeymooners clone, and certainly started there. I don’t think it really ever escaped that, but it did lose brain cells when the alien pal (the ‘cousin Oliver’ of Bedrock) came on.

All such comedies are derivitives of the Honeymooners. This is more or less gospel among television historians.

Lucy is credited with breaking new ground, however most of the situations she was found in have their origins with Ralph and Ed.

Ask Leonard Maltin if you don’t believe.

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