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Project Runway…

My sentiments on the finale are below. I just watched it today, but I managed to avoid all spoilers. Whew!

— AVERT YOUR EYES NOW if you don’t want to know who won Project Runway. AVERT! —

I finally watched PR today, so I can comment on the finale now.

– The episode before the final episode was the first time they edited the show to make you like Santino. Poor guy, hard luck, really insecure. It was strange. And he didn’t have his usual flash and his clothes weren’t all Santino-ish and … he just seemed defeated. I liked his dresses, but they did have problems with the chest line.

– Chloe. Chloe. Chloe. Whatever WERE you thinking with that HIDEOUS pink and gold thing? Flashback to the 80s and then some! All she needed were lace baby doll socks with heels and some Madonna-style black bracelets! I had to cheer for Chloe, she was the hometown girl. But while I liked half of her collection, I did not like the other half. At all. And it was odd that there was no diversity to it – hers or Santinos. It should have been day wear and evening wear.

I got suspicious a few weeks ago when I noticed that the Tresseme commercials only had Chloe’s model in it. I had a feeling she was the winnner.

– Daniel V. I loved Daniel V. I loved a lot of his collection. I agreed that the “badge” on his PR model’s dress was weird. It was also odd that Tim always loved his stuff – until the end. Then he had nothing to say? If I had been Daniel V., I would have cried. I liked that his collection showed a range of clothes, not just a single type. I got tears in my eyes when Michael Kors told him to come to him for a job.

I was happy with either Chloe or Daniel V. winning. I was leaning more towards Daniel V. personally, but not by much. I would have had a hard time choosing if I had been in the judge’s shoes.

(I left all of this as a comment on Sassenach’s blog, but just had to post it here too.)

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4 replies on “Project Runway…”

I have to say, I didn’t pick up on the Tresseme commercial – I was sure, based on the “spoilers” I sought out, that Daniel or Santino was going to win. So I was surprised, to say the least. Particularly because Chloe’s clothes were not my taste at all. Sigh. At least I liked her.

I only just learned about project runway a few weeks ago. Apparently I must live in a hole or something. Actually we don’t have cable – but while we were on vacation, my daughters found some sort of project runway marathon – they watched every episode in a row – up ’til the final one. Sadly we couldn’t see the finale back home.

I see you too are getting strange e-mails from the PBSJ – are you joining the knit-along?

I also see you have a knitting pod cast – I’ll be checking yours out!

I only started watching a few weeks ago too… whenever Bravo aired the marathon. I first saw the garden themed dresses where Daniel V won. While I think Chloe had some great pieces, I really think Santino should have won… even though he kinda sucked and his pieces were falling apart some of the time. This dress was amazing. But yeah, this needed to be burned.

Christine–wasn’t it strange that we didn’t know about Santino’s troubles until the very end? It was a little too late to try to bring out his softer side (though I did feel badly for him). Still, I’m glad he didn’t win!

I agree, Chloe could have mixed it up with her collection. Virtually everything was formalwear and I, too, hated the first dress! It was so poofy and pink and shiny!

About Daniel V.–that badge really made the dress odd and I’m wondering what he was thinking when he put it there. I hope he does end up working for Michael Kors or some other great designer because he truly has talent. (And I absolutely would have cried too at Tim Gunn’s reaction!)

(I left all this as a comment at my blog in response to your comment, btw! =D)

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