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Last night we stopped in to a small grocery store in Kensington. I noticed that they had copies of the Lord of the Rings, Return of the King for sale. I turned and asked Mike if he thought that they were dubbed over for sale here so that everyone had British accents.

Don’t you think they should? Makes perfect sense to me.

Meanwhile, I’m at an Internet Cafe in London with Korean characters on the keyboard. Good thing I know how to touch type, otherwise I would be very confused. On a positive note, at least the @ symbol is in the normal place – the net cafe we went to yesterday had characters in all the wrong places. It was even harder to type on that than on the split ergo keyboard at home.

It’s sunny outside, the weather is gorgeous, and in the past 5 hours I think I have taken 100 photos of Big Ben. We rode in the Eye too, which was quite cool. Now we are off to Westminster Abbey, then Leicester Square to get tickets to see Harry Potter. It’s already out in the theaters here, and I just couldn’t pass up the chance to see it “early”. Afterwards, we are heading to Covent Gardens, where I am determined to find a Lush store. It’s a good thing we don’t have them in the US, I would end up bankrupt. (Mike added the bankrupt part – he knows me all too well…)

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I’ve been to the Boston and DC Lush stores–in fact, going on a group outing to the DC store in a couple of weeks! Must. Get. More. Skinny Dip! There are also stores in NYC, and a couple in California. And I heard rumors of one possibly coming to Philadelphia, which would rock my world. Mmmm, Lush…

Glad you’re enjoying London. It is a magnificent place. You’ve come at a fortunate time of year. The weather is just about gorgeous 90% of the time.

I saw HP last night and was pretty impressed. Some of it was filmed near where I live so that was fun to see..

Oh, I can testify to LOTR not having been dubbed.. there were a plethora of accents, although I did love Ian McKellan’s accent the most.

What is a lush??? Maybe it is something to eat. I ate my crown today at the movie “Day after Tomorrow”. Hope I find it tomorrow. Saw the dentist for a temp. Glad you are having fun.

Hello Happy Mooners! What a great time you must be having and as we are as well. Moody Gardens and Six Flags, swimming and shopping. Will be lonesome and boring at home and back to work.

Congratulations on the beautiful wedding.
As for the whole dubbing thing- woudln’t that get a little boring then? I mean, if they did that all movies would start to sound the same, and I think Viggo has a pretty sexy voice.
Have fun!

HP was great! But since half the actors in Return of the King are British, dubbing would be… redundant to say the least.

Now I have to go look up Lush on the ‘net.

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