Rain, Rain, and More Rain…

It’s raining right now, and I am amused because my big fat cat, Murphy, can’t stand the rain. I don’t recall it ever being an issue back in my old apartment, but ever since we moved into the house he goes and finds a cabinet to hide in when it rains. Right now he is pawing at the kitchen cabinets – but I’ve actually got them blocked off so he can’t get into them. Poor thing, he just wants to hide from the rain.

Am I the only one that owns a cat that is afraid of the rain? I’ve heard of dogs that are afraid of thunder, but never a cat.

By Christine

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No, you’re not alone. 🙂 Our kitty Lucky can’t stand thunderstorms. She’s gone out of it somewhat but she would run to my mother’s room and hide when a storm would start. It all stems, in her case, from being lost outside one night in a storm.

Ok, now I feel bad. He was an abandoned cat for awhile, so maybe that is why he is afraid of the rain. (I adopted him from a rescue organization.) I wonder if he just hears it more clearly in the house then he did in the apartment. Poor Murphy…

Don’t feel too bad. It’s not your fault. All you can do is love him and let him know he’s safe. We do that with Lucky. She’s grown out of it for the most part, but a really bad storm still gets her from time to time. Just make sure he feels safe and knows he’s safe. 🙂

my parents have a dog that’s afraid of rain, snow, and thunder! it all stems from his fear of thunderstorms. if he sees rain, he thinks it’s going to thunder and he hides. and since they got thunder snow a little while ago, now he’s afraid of snow too!

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