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My post earlier today was not meant to be a “put down” of my former employer – rather it was simply a commentary that I saw a lot of things in that article that reminded me of issues I had & I heard others mention at my last job – that is all. Heck, I have heard similar things from employees everywhere – any of us who have had a boss can relate to one if not more of the items mentioned in that article.

I went to 2 client sites yesterday with my mentor to meet with clients, and met with 1 client today in the office. I *love* meeting with clients! I *love* my new job! See, I don’t have TIME to think negative things about my former company, I am too busy loving my new company! The simple things thrill me … we have this great employee manual, it is very well written and quite comprehensive. Our paychecks are for the pay period that just ended – for example, I get a paycheck on June 15 for my work from June 11 – June 14. I get mileage reimbursement for driving to client sites. They will pay for training if there is anything I want to learn, and I can attend seminars, trade shows, etc. to learn more about the growing web industry. We have a whole intranet developed where we can track all related documents, development, everything. Even set them as “pre-sale” so when the contract is signed it is ready to roll and tasks can be assigned, etc. Oh, how I love it. OH! And I forgot to mention, even though there are under 30 employees, we get *direct deposit* of our paychecks! Mine starts this Friday! They do it through, which is only about $50 per payroll. Gee, small price to have very happy employees!

Oh! Another comment for public record since we know someone from the OC (“Old Company”) is hanging out here. (at least 4 visits here today) I informed the NC (“New Company”) when I interviewed that just as I would respect their non-compete guidelines and so forth, I insist on doing the same with my former employer. I made it *very* clear that I will not attempt in any form or fashion to go after clients of the OC. I wish them nothing but the best of luck, regardless of their unprofessional behavior the last time I met with them. The NC said that not only did they understand, they were thankful that I would respect that guideline. Regardless of what the OC thinks, I have not & will not make any attempt to go after their business or partners. I have contacted a few select people to verify that I have both their work and home contact information – people that I would like to *refer* business to if I have a need (this was two weeks before I found a new job), and I made that very clear to those people that I was just asking because in this industry networking is important and you never know when you might need to find someone. Numerous people offered to be listed as a reference if I needed them, which I think says a lot of how they felt about my talents.

Interesting I think that someone at the OC visited here at least 4 times today (didn’t go too far back in the logs) and they visit the sites of at least 2 other former employees daily also. Do they not have anything better to do other than read our journals? Pleaaaze. As Laura and I have both stated – nothing to read here. Maybe it is that they miss us so much this is they only way they can sense our presence still at the office? *grin* Whatever. I would think they would have *MUCH* better things to do then to read this site, but hey – that’s their call. All I know is that I have much better things to do then to worry about them.

I have spent WAY too much time thinking about this now tonight. Enough said. I have a new job – had one lined up within 15 days of leaving the last one. Pretty darn impressive if I do say so myself. I love my new job (gee, did you notice that?). I asked today – once they met me they didn’t even bother advertising the position at all; they never even looked at another resume for my job opening. Why? Because I ROCK! Ok, well, there is more to it than that. More because of the fact that you can’t teach just anyone to how to sell web development. After carefully questioning me in my first interview as to how I would handle a variety of situations they could tell what a strong skill set I have and since they are inundated with clients – great match, easy training! I LOVE my new job!!!

(Note: I edited this entry on June 14, 2001. In case you were wondering…)

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