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Random things I’ve seen in my recent travels:

:: Technorati is a new service to allow you to watch websites. Wondering what it’s trying to tell you? Check out the Results Help page. I found a few sites that link to me that I didn’t know about before, but otherwise I’m not sold yet on how useful this will be. [via Jason]

:: If TiVo Thinks You’re Gay, Here’s How to Set it Straight – I saw the “King of Queens” episode where the TiVo thought he was gay – it was hysterical! I turned the “record stuff for me on your own” feature off a long time ago though. I record enough stuff as it is. The article also goes in to why Amazon recommends the strange things it offers up to us too.

:: Unspooled is a great article about how the cassette tape is fading away in to history. Remember making mix tapes for someone that you liked? I loved the fact that my dual cassette player even had a feature where it would put the little break inbetween each song. Ah, those were the days… [via Laura Holder; read her post from Nov. 18, 2002 about cleaning out her tapes too.]

:: Tellling All Online: It’s a Man’s World (Isn’t It?) – the poor author of this article thought that all there was to the blog world were men. While what I personally consider to be the “A List” of bloggers is mainly male (and it’s a really short list, but we’ll get in to that some other time), I read a mix of male and female blogs. Some are people just like me, others are people nothing like me. It’s an interesting mix when I stop to think about it – but I would never say that the blog world is dominated by men. At least not in my little corner of it. What do you think?

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I don’t know. I guess it depends on your point of reference. I was noticing that virtually all the well done weblogs I encounter are basically done by women. Lets see, my hosting provider: BlogOmania and generally every blog touched by that crew (you know who you are). Mena Trott’s: A day late…, Girlie Matters, etc.. Now, I do regularly read the blogs by Phil Ringnalda and Brad Choate, but while I really appreciate the content, the presentation of those sites is rather plain. I have no idea why it seems this way, but in general the content and presentation of the weblogs in your corner of the world seems to be of a much higher caliber than most. Now what this has to do with “if men dominate the blogging world”, I don’t know. I guess it just depends on where you are in the blogging world.

Technorati seems like an interesting site indeed … they showed up in my referrers the other day for some reason.

Cassette tapes – man, that took me back! 😉 We actually still have a tape deck for recording, but I can’t even remember the last time I made a mixed tape. Of course, now I make mixed CDs for friends all the time. 😉

The blogging world dominated by men?! I’d always thought there were more women blogging, but maybe I’m just not very observant. I’d love to hear your a-list sometime – I love good new blogs! 😀

re: TiVo – after reading the article (I didn’t see the King of Queens episode), I had to check out my suggestions list (I, too, don’t record my suggestions) and I actually felt OK about my viewing habits.
Now, as a guy, I haven’t found many other guys’ Blogs that I read on a regular basis – they’re mostly women, and I think the reason I read them is that they seem to open-up much more in their writing, and, in turn, I find them significantly more interesting. Me, I’m just a mundane guy.

I am a bit sexist in my blog reading – everyone on my favorite list is female. I do read a few male blogs, but not on as frequent of a basis. I guess I just connect better to the women whose blogs I read than I do to the men. 🙂 I don’t know, I think if I was to count the people on the blogrolling toplist, it would be fairly even between men and women. Hmmmmmm….

Thanks for checking out Technorati. What I find most useful are the Watchlists which give me a daily email (RSS feeds coming soon) with all of the people who have linked to me that day. It’s how I found this conversation, for example. Referer logs are fine for some things, but in many cases, people read the text but never click on the link, which means that the blog never shows up in my daily referer list.

It also gives me an idea of who is linking to you, so I get a gestalt of who you are, and what your interests are.

If the interface is confusing or wierd, please let me know! We really want to create an easy-to-use interesting resource for bloggers.


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