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Randomness from Late at Night…

YEAH!  It's the Eiffel Tower!Late last night I was flipping channels because I couldn’t sleep. When I came across the soft-core pr0n ala Cinemax, I decided that from now on it shall be referred to as “Sporn”.

And a note to the women out there starring in these films – when you go to the doctor to get your store-bought boobs, don’t go for the “stick a cantelope cut in half and slammed on my chest” look. It really is freaky and unnatural looking. You’re going to look really stupid when you’re in your 50s with those rock racks.

Yeah, things start to get strange around here when Mike is gone for so long. I swear, I wasn’t watching the sporn, but you can’t miss noticing those things late at night. I’m just lucky they didn’t give me nightmares.

Someone once called our honeymoon the “phallic monument tour” because I took so many pictures of Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower. It seems appropriate that I should be considering sporn the same day I finally start posting my almost 2 year old photos of the Eiffel Tower on Flickr, doesn’t it?

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Very funny! I’ve always thought that late night TV is specifically tailored to people who are in that dreamland between wakefulness and real sleep

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