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The latest in reality shows? Real reality – Houston Medical premieres tonight! “Meet the doctors, nurses, and patients of Memorial Hermann hospital in Houston, TX as cameras capture the daily drama of their lives.” Let me just toss in here that Dr. Red Duke gets on my last nerve, and since his picture is on the website I can only assume he will be on the show too. If he sounds like a total idiot, I warned you. Not sure if I’ll watch the site tonight – I might, out of that same curiosity that makes you stare at an accident as you pass by on the highway. [via Sherry]

By Christine

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It was really good. Even Lonnie, Kahea and Kai watched with me. I swear, even Lonnie got teary-eyed as they were showing the neonatal story. Sad, but good. I’ll be there again next week to see the outcomes of this week’s episode.

Dr. Red Duke saved mine and my unborn childs life as well as many others. You should do some research before you talk about him. He is a very gifted and remarkable person. What do you do????

Kelly, just because the man is very talented – and notice, back in 2002 when I wrote this post, I never once said he wasn’t talented – doesn’t mean he should be on television. He has a horrid voice on TV, and it is like nails on the chalkboard for me. He sounds like a redneck hick. How he sounds has no bearing on his gifted skills.

I like the “what do you do???” part. Not really sure what that has to do with anything. What do you do, Kelly? Is that really relevant to how Dr. Red Duke sounds on TV? Did I ever say I was better than him? No, I definitely did not.

Christine, if you weren’t so superficial, regardless of how Dr. Red Duke looks or sounds (redneck hick) he has helped alot of people and the medical community. I’m sure your appearance and voice cause the same reaction in some that you have with Dr. Duke. It’s good that most people can look past the surface and see the good in him and how he can help them. I’m sure he doesn’t look at people the same way as you.

Keith, you know … it is sort of ironic that you are chastising me, but you are doing the same thing you are accusing me of, aren’t you? Like I told Kelly, I wrote this post in 2002 – over THREE years ago – and I said earlier in 2005 that he is a very talented man. I just didn’t want to hear him on TV. Just because someone doesn’t have a strong TV persona doesn’t mean that they are not one of the most wonderful doctors. TV persona is *not* a requirement for medical school.

*I* can clearly see the good in him, because he is a great doctor. “I’m sure he doesn’t look at people the same way you do?” Whathuh? Really? Are you on a personal one-on-one basis with him? Because really, I doubt it. If you are, tell him I think he ROCKS, but I still won’t watch him on TV. His accent will make me go for the spork.

Thanks. Glad we are clear on that.

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