Riddle Me This…

Free Wireless Networks at Airports are being set up. (Such as the one in Minneapolis.) Why is it that these are ok and won’t mess with the plane’s systems, but on the other hand you can’t use a cell phone or even a radio on a plane? Or run your laptop during takeoff? Wouldn’t the wireless system have an impact too? I know my wireless set-up at home messes with my cordless phone pretty bad sometimes. I just think this would too. Then again, you can use a cell phone in the airport… ok, what’s up with that? Hey! [via Chris Pirillo]

Side note: I am still sleep deprived. I am feeling a bit punchy today. Sassy. And easily confused. Please pardon the fact that the these simple facts are boggling to me right now.

By Christine

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Did someone say Sassy? Do you remember that SNL skit with Phil Hartman? He was the host of a hip talk show with celebrities I think, and anytime they would say something, he would turn to the camera and say something like “THe word SASSY comes to mind!” I love that skit!

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