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Rock Me Like a Hurricane…

I have a confession. I had no clue that Hurricane Charley was even out there until I heard some people at a restaurant talking about a Category 4 hurricane hitting Florida. Yeah, I get out of touch with the news sometimes. Oops.

With the hurricane season that we have had this year, I haven’t made that mistake twice. I tracked Frances constantly, and now I’m keeping an eye (pardon the pun) on Ivan.

How ironic is it that during the news there was a tourism commercial for the Mississippi Gulf Coast? “What Job? What Kids? What Yard Work? What Worries? Get away to Missisippi’s Gulf Coast! With non-stop flights … everything you need to plan the perfect getaway…”

Yeah, perfect with the current 20% chance of Ivan hitting head on. I hope it doesn’t go there, but that’s rather trite. Obviously, it’s a hurricane and it has to go somewhere. Right now they are giving Galveston a 6% chance of getting the storm, but hurricanes have a mind of their own and I’m not counting us out yet.

By Christine

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One reply on “Rock Me Like a Hurricane…”

Right before Frances made landfall, I was watching an interview with someone from the National Hurricane Center and he was saying this type of hurricane season could last easily another ten years. We’re at the peak of a long cycle. I’m going to have to move out of this state, again.

We got slammed hard by both hurricanes and it wasn’t pretty (and neither is my roof right now). If Ivan had come, I don’t know what we would have done. I’m mentally and physically drained from the last two.

However, I’m like you. That sucker could still turn and whop right into anyone. Charley was supposed to go north of us and in the last few hours, turned early and came right at us. /sigh

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