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Roid Rage…

Last night I got a huge laugh out of the news flash that Caminiti admits steroid use. Hello? Did anyone notice how the guy looked? It was obvious to me five years ago, so why is it such a major news flash now. Granted, by doing steroids he was just asking for trouble. I’m sorry that he is having health problems now – but sometimes you get what you ask for. Yes Ken, there is a lot of money in the game. But is your life and your health worth it? Personally, I don’t think so. [via Mikey]

By Christine

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serious, i dunno how this is such huge news… i mean, try and find a sport where people don’t use steroids. hell, at the Olympics this year, they busted a figure skater for juicing! next thing you know, they’ll find out that many football players use ‘roids too! whoaahhh!

it’s all in the priorities, i guess. they’re all thinking short-term. in Caminiti’s “defense”, tho, he’s all messed up on all kindsa drugs, not just juice. personally, i couldn’t willingly take something that, among other things, would shrink my nuts to the size of peas, and give me man-boobs (gynocemastia (sp?)). and women who take ‘roids? all that happens to them is they get hairier, their voices get deeper, their jawline gets squarer, and their clit grows to the size of their thumb. oh yeah, that sounds like a freakin’ deal to me!

I’m taking Blogroid currently, along with herbal supplements imported from Canada. It (Blogroid) was originally intended for short term use by young politicians, just learning to talk endlessly. I think that it has increased my blogging endurance and overall topic range. I’ll trade the near term benifits for the unknown long term effects, but that’s just my decision.

Ok, this post has been here at the top for quite awhile now — and every time I see the title, I just want to hand you some Preparation H and be done with it. I’m a very disturbed little girl…

Didn’t Caminiti retract his statement that half the players were juiced and said it’s “only a couple of guys”??
I always expect Mac to be (I’m an A’s fan) and now I’ll bet Bonds is.
If this gets out and they find roids used everywhere then I INSIST they put Pete Rose in the hall of fame.
Yeah, I know that doesn’t make any sense.

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