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RSS Feeds Everywhere!

Amazing. Discussion at Blogroots about a RSS to IMAP service. Wow. I mean … WOW! “There is no need for a separate application like a RSS News Aggregator. Your current mail application acts like the Newsreader. Therefore you can start right away, no learning curve. Deal with the feeds like you do with mail.” Awesome! [Via Adam.]

By Christine

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6 replies on “RSS Feeds Everywhere!”

That sounds really cool. I must be an absolute idiot though because there don’t seem to be any instructions on that page on how to get it to work, only a screenshot. I hate it when I miss the obvious.

Too funny – I missed it too at first! I wrote them and complained, and then noticed the “Take a Tour” link and decided to check that out. I didn’t need a tour – I just wanted RSS to IMAP, right? Yeah… seems that that is where they stuck the instructions!

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