Save My Screen!

I’m finally finding a minute to slow down and unwind, as I check in on a few blogs & watch The Screen Savers. I’m still waiting for Ben & Mena to be on the show … 11 minutes until they talk about MovableType, which Leo said in the intro is what he uses for his blog. Leo was so funny when he was talking about them being on the show, I loved it… Speaking of loving it, Robyn posted screen shots from the show and Chris made some bobble-head Ben & Mena dolls and a clip of the “Blogger Trott”. Go check it out!

Later, my show notes: In the opening/introduction they showed off not only Mena’s gorgeous site but also AnnElizabeth’s site! If I had the power to do a screen capture I would. And it was great to see them mention The Red Kitchen! Kristine did such a great job on it – I am so glad to be a part of it! (Wait, on that note I should go post a few of the recipes I have here waiting for me to post!) I’m just so excited to see MovableType featured. It’s a program I can not say enough good things about. Simply awesome…

By Christine

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