Save That Show!

Don’t you just hate it when a network drops one of your favorite shows? Take “Inside Schwartz” for example. I *love* that show. It’s hysterical. It’s funny. It’s great – but lately it hasn’t been on. Which makes me worry that NBC might drop the show. But I did something about it – I gave my feedback over at I discovered it at the New York Times website, where their article says “The site lets fans vote on new programs they don’t want to see taken off the air before the shows are even in trouble. The results of the voting are forwarded periodically to the networks, according to the site’s founder, Christopher Burrell. Fans can also fill out an online form to have a letter mailed to a specific network, with the site handling printing and postage.” (Link to NY Times via Robyn)

By Christine

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I thought it was cute, but I only watched it a couple of times. I have way too many to watch as it is. Great link, by the way… I could have used that a few years ago when the bastards dropped Party of Five and Murder One. I loved those shows. Bah!

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