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I’ve been craving some Seinfeld. I remember the first season or two, I thought the show was terrible. I never watched it. Then somewhere along the way, I was hooked. I think I’ve seen every episode.

Finally, on Sunday I remembered to check the Tivo lineup to find out when Seinfeld is on. Turns out it’s on 3-4 times a day! Get out! So I’ve been Tivo’ing all of them. I can’t get enough Seinfeld. I need more Seinfeld!

Some of my favorite Seinfeld moments of the past few days?
– Kramer has found the Merv Griffin set and has set it up for his own show.
– Elaine just called a guy “sponge worthy”!
– George wants to be called “T-Bone”.
– Elaine is driving. Just a bit worse than her dancing!
– We meet Poppie, while Jerry dates the chick that won’t eat the pie.
– Chinese gum.

And many more. It’s funny how much of the Seinfeld lingo eventually worked it’s way in to society. Just try saying “No soup for you!” with the Soup Nazi tone. Or the sponge-worthy thing. Almost everyone knows what that means. It amuses me to no end. I love Seinfeld!

What’s your favorite episode? I just can’t decide – I can’t pick just one!

By Christine

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The “Magic Loogie” episode with Keith Hernandez and the one about masturbation where George is “Master of his Domain. Also the one where Kramer and Mickey act out diseases, one of them being syphilis(sp). Okay I’ll stop now…

You know, I could never get the hang of that show … I liked some of the random stuff they talked about, but it felt like half the show was whining. So I know the Soup Nazi thing, but I’ve never heard of sponge worthy in my life. 🙂

My favorite episode was the space pen/Stellaaaaaa! A close second is the episode where they just wander around a mall parking lot the entire half hour, trying to find their car. I remember being a big fan of the show until it became popular. Now I can’t change the channel quick enough. I guess I love being contrary.

The one where Kramer is pretending to be MoviePhone.
The one where Kramer goes into convulsions at the sound of Mary Hart’s voice.
The one when George gets caught…umm…you know…doing it by his mother.
The one where George’s dad keeps yelling “Serenity Now!!”

There’s so many.

Ah, yes – the Space Pen. I myself am all about the Parking Garage episode “Why don’t they name the levels something like ‘Your mother’s a whore’ so you could remember them?” and The Puffy Shirt.

MoviePhone! Puffy Shirt! Frightened Turtle! (Wasn’t that the ugly baby episode?) I have the Merv Griffin one waiting for me on the Tivo – I want Mike to see that one. They all crack me up!

I love Seinfeld. I am waiting eagerly to purchase the DVDs when they come out. I have way to many favorites. I used to have a boyfriend who always, and I mean always watched Seinfeld on his TV day or night. He recorded every show, and you can say he was a little obsessed. LOL

Besides the classic Elaine dancing episode, I love the one where Elaine and the pregnant woman are trapped under the bleachers during the parade, while Kramer accidentally sets the flag on fire. Hilarious~I was crying, I laughed so hard.

My favorite one is where they all bet on who won’t Masterbate first. Kramer walks out of the room and comes right back in and throws his money down, and says I’m out. Too funny.

Master of Your Domain! Yes, that was a classic!! I think that may have been THE episode that really put Seinfeld on the map and got people talking about it at work the next day.

I love that show…my favs are..
When Kramer gets “assman” plates
When Elaine hunts the whole city for her favorite “sponge”
The “yada yada yada” thing that elaine does to make stories go faster..
The exposed nipple Christmas card
and finally…
The “junior mint”
Jerry’s new girlfriend has a name that rhymes with a female body part, but can’t remember it…

Wow there are so many more, I love Seinfeld lol

Dania, your list looks a lot like mine! Except you didn’t include the episode where Elaine is friends with the other guys that are just like Jerry, George and Kramer – and eventually they all meet. That was too funny!

Ok, that’s it. I love them all. I won’t even bother making a list!

I loved the one where they all went to the mall, and could not find the car in the parking garage. One of the guys (I forget who right now) was carrying a box with a TV set, and Elaine had a goldfish in a plastic bag of water, and she was afraid it was going to die.

And then, I think it was Jerry and then Kramer…they had to take a leak, so they decided to do it in a corner…they both got busted, separately, by the same mall security guard.

Every time I park in a garage like that, I ALWAYS think about that episode!

Re: the one where Jerry’s girlfriend’s name rhymes with a female body part –

It’s not Mulva, it’s Delores. 🙂

The one Seinfeld episode that has stuck around as slang for my circle of friends is ‘Schmoopy.’ This is now an adjective, as in ‘I’m feeling schmoopy.’ It works perfectly.

When Elaine says “the dingo ate your baaabay”
When Elaine eats into that piece of royal wedding cake.
The man bra.
When Jerry’s long record of not vomiting is broken.
Kramer letting his “boys run free”.
Every scene you have all mentioned are hilarious!

So many favorite moments… Just last night, I caught the episode where Jerry and George first pitch their “show about nothing” to the NBC execs, and George walks out, declaring he won’t compromise his artistic integrity. Later at the coffee shop, Jerry chews him out:

Jerry: “Artistic integrity?… You’re not artistic, and you have no integrity!”

And by the way: It’s not the Bro, it’s the Manzeire.

We watched that one too – I love the fact that he did a show about pitching a show just like his show to NBC. The show about nothing.

I had forgotten that that was how George met Susan!

I don’t know if I can pick just one.
The sponge, the mishky wedding, bizarro jerry, soup natzi, the contest, man. I could go on. I’d probably include every episode.

I’m jazzed that I have tickets to his show at the end of the month. I saw him last year and it was by far one of the best nights of the year. From the moment he stepped on stage he didn’t miss a beat. It wasn’t until after I walked away from the show that I realized just how much I had missed seeing new seinfelds. he’s worth every penny!

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