Sharks, Up Close and Personal…

Know what I can do with Jason now that he is 10 years old? I can take him to Seaworld San Antonio and we can participate in the Shark Interaction Program! “SIP enables animal enthusiasts to put on wetsuits, face masks and snorkels, then enter the sharks’ aquatic domain at SeaWorld’s Sharks/The Coral Reef habitat. From the safety of a steel protective barrier, SIPers go underwater for a shark’s-eye view of the sleek, silent ocean predators. As a bonus, SIP includes an opportunity to snorkel with and feed stingrays, also members of the shark family.” That would be SO cool!

In case you were wondering, I was actually working while making this post. I am surfing the Seaworld site for a reason. Now I want to leave work, hop in the car and go for a visit!

By Christine

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I think I’d be quacking in my booties if I encountered a shark! Dolphins, whales and mata rays no problems, sharks another story! Though I must say if I could get over the fear it would be quite an experience :)Hope you both enjoy it when you get to go!

That sounds so cool! I don’t think I’d be brave enough to swim with the sharks (even with the protective barrier!), but maybe the dolphins. 😉 I wonder how much those kind of interaction programs cost? Anyways we just went to Sea World (San Diego) a couple weeks ago, paid regular price and get to go again “free” for the rest of the year! Yeah! Can’t wait to go again.

That sounds cool. I am fascinated with sharks, and I have always wanted to go on a guided scuba diving shark feed. This would be a good way to get my feet wet and see if I could handle the real thing.

Jason needs a fish tank! Not a fish bowl and a goldfish, but an actual planted aquarium. It’s groovy fun and surprisingly low maintenance! Plus, it gives you something to blog about when your fish turn up missing. 🙂

This is assuming, of course, that his interest in Sea World somehow translates into an interest and fish tanks. Hmm… Nevermind! >:)

oh come on people – there’s a steel cage between you and the bitey things. do you think that something like this in the land of the personal injury claim would hold the slightest risk? lol! do you have to sign some sort of disclaimer?

seen this story?

kids love that kind of stuff (come to think of it, better not point it out)

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