Simply Brilliant…

Kymberlie and I were discussing Robyn’s post about the psycho mom that faked her son’s IQ, claiming he had an IQ of 298 (uh, yeah … ok.) So Kymberlie did a search for “highest IQ” and lookie what she found? Duhhhbya Has Lowest IQ of all Presidents of the past 50 years! I knew he was a bit slow on the uptake, but my goodness – a 91? Geepers! [via Kymberlie]

UPDATE: Damn, it’s a hoax. Oh well, it’s still hysterically funny! And like Robyn said to me via e-mail, … how do we know that SNOPES is true? It could be a bunch of people proving true stuff false and vice versa just to have a little fun with the world! (I doubt it, but in the grand scheme of conspiracy theories it’s fun to think about!)

By Christine

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