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Six to Be Tried in Pa. Bush Thong Protest

Six to Be Tried in Pa. Bush Thong Protest. What about freedom of speech?

By Christine

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3 replies on “Six to Be Tried in Pa. Bush Thong Protest”

…hope I’m not opening up a can of worms here, but both sides do whatever it takes to silence their critics.

The right appreciates your freedom of speech, for the most part. It’s when people resort to clown antics (and the left is mostly full of those) for protesting. Look at all that stuff in New York during the RNC.

The left’s appreciation for freedom of speech ends when someone tends to disagree with them in a public venue. Instead of breaking out the cops, though, they tend to break out the lawyers — See Moore, Michael. Also see “TV stations considering playing the swift boat vets ads” versus “Lawyers for Kerry-Edwards 04 and the DNC.”

Politics in general have REALLY hampered our freedoms (I’m not talking about the PATRIOT act here, either. That and the DMCA are a ball of wax I won’t address). 🙂

Ooo, reading my regular daily blogs, I find the perfect example… here

The cable pay-per-view company iN DEMAND has backed away from a plan to show a three-hour election eve special with filmmaker Michael Moore that included the first television showing of his documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

In a statement, iNDEMAND said “we regret that our decision has led Michael Moore to consider legal action against us,” which it said would be “entirely baseless and groundless.” The company did not say what legal action Moore was considering.

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