SNL Update…

At first I was disappointed when I discovered that SNL was a rerun tonight. I have to say though, it was hysterical! Tina Fey talking about the women’s contraceptive patch – a 3″ circle that says “Get the Hell Off of Me!” The Moulin Rouge spoof. (That comes out on DVD in December, and I am definately getting it!) And Bon Jovi in the skit with the two dancer guys? Hysterical. He was so close to losing it – totally cracking up. I loved it. The chick in the “Wake up Wakefield” skit is a nut. And I got to listen to Bon Jovi sing. I didn’t care for Bon Jovi much during the ’80s. As I have gotten older I actually like them some now. How is that for strange?

By Christine

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