Something About This is Very Wrong…

I am Catholic. I am Christian. (No, this is not a post about how I want to convert you.) Considering my personal religious beliefs, can I just point out how bizarre these Inspirational Sport Statues are?

So, Jenn & I are on IM, and I send her the link. Then we start to discuss the hockey statue. (Yeah, like we don’t sound like the start of a joke … there was a Catholic mom & a Jewish mom on the Internet… looking at some Jesus statues…) There is just something twisted about Jesus, right in there with skates & a stick. Go Jesus! Jenn asked, “…so, what happens when a fight breaks out?” I just really wished they showed the ballet & the gymnastic ones – I mean, what could they look like? Like Jenn said, “If Jesus likes you, he’ll make it so you can win the game. If you lose, then he must not like you.” The track one looks like Jesus is just jumping in and keeping the other kid from passing the baton. And I almost fell out of the chair laughing about Jenn’s comments on the basketball one – it looks like he’s teasing the kids with the ball! “Nah, nah, I’m Jesus … you can’t have it. Ok, you can have the ball… PSYCHE!” And like the kid in the football one would really tackle Jesus!

What were these people thinking when they made these things? [via Love, the wife]

By Christine

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Oh it’s just like “Buddy Jesus” from Dogma. Too scary.

I do feel the need to confess to having a little Mary statue on my car dash for years. It came w/ the car (my grandmothers) and I couldn’t bring myself to tear the silly thing off. But I always feared that if I was ever in an accident I’d end up with Mary lodged in my right eye.

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