Sometimes Life Gets in the Way…

vbtbutton.gif Today is the big day – the day for the stop of Urban Tribes: a Generation Redefines Friendship, Family and Commitment in the Virtual Book Tour. The review will be slightly delayed though because, unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way.

On Saturday, Jason fell at Basketball practice, and as he went to break his fall he stuck his right arm out to stop himself. He sat out practice, and when I picked him up he told me that he hurt his wrist – but he could rotate his hand, swivel it from side to side and so forth – so I thought it was just sprained. Sunday he still complained that it hurt, but it was just a day old – it hadn’t had time to heal yet. By Monday, after talking with my Mom, we realized it was something more – and we were at the doctor’s office this morning. He now has a lovely purple cast for the next 4 weeks. I feel terrible that we waited so long to have it checked out! But all is well now, and he will heal just fine – although he will miss the first 6 weeks of the basketball season!

Jason with his new cast!

So please check back later today for my interview with Ethan Watters, author of Urban Tribes: a Generation Redefines Friendship, Family and Commitment!

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Don’t feel bad. I broke 5 bones on 5 different occasions as a kid. Sometimes it’s hard to tell. I’ve had sprained ankles that hurt a lot worse than when I broke my wrist. Hope he feels better soon!

I never broke anything when I was a kid — never even really got sick. Within ten years after leaving home, I had broken both ankles, both wrists and had a lovely dislocated elbow/ulna break while on vacation in Colorado. The wrists are definitely more of a pain than the legs, just logistically. Keep a long feather around to help with the itching, and use the newspaper delivery bags for showering. I know WAY too much about broken bones.

The same sort of thing happened to me in the fourth grade. We were rollerskating in the school gym when a much larger kid fell on top of me. My arm hit the floor and my wrist made a little snapping sound. But it really didn’t hurt *that* much. My folks waited at least a day to take me to the doc, and yup, it was busted. But it healed quickly and well. Jason should be good as new in no time 🙂

Oooo, ouch! You know, a girl my mom babysat had a broken arm for a weekend before her parents (or my mom) realized it was broken. So don’t feel bad, I guess broken bones are easily disguised sometimes.

And the Google ads for this page say “fractured wrist lawsuits” and “car accident broken bone”! Wow.

Oh my. This is just scary, Christine. Half a world away my son just did the same thing (he can rotate, but can’t bend his wrist), but at a soccer game. We’re on our way to the orthoped first thing in the morning.

Mend fast, Jason!

You know, this is a hell of a way to display the FIRST PICTURE OF YOUR SON I’VE EVER SEEN! He’s a gorgeous kid.

I think that it’s a fairly striking cast, and I think that a broken arm is, if anything, a rite of passage. Judging from the look on his face here, he looks like he’s taking it all in stride. 🙂

Be that as it may, I hope you’re hanging in there and breathing deeply. I’m sure it was nerve-wracking to get the news.


I should note – this is (we think we counted correctly) his 25th cast in his life and the 2nd one this year.

He was born with a club foot, which accounts for the first 20 casts he had in the first year of his life. 🙂 We’re old pros on the casting thing around here!

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