Special Freshness…

I used a ThermaCare heating pad on my shoulder the other day, and while it worked well, I couldn’t help but think every time I looked at it that it looked like I had a feminine hygiene product on my shoulder. Mmm… fresh as a springtime blossom…

By Christine

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7 replies on “Special Freshness…”

~I needed a chuckle today, thnx for the one you supplied…just the visual of you driving around with a tampon-like object strapped to your body made me laugh…and on a bad day I’ll take any laugh I can get…~

i was talking to a friend once as she was putting one of those things on her shoulder. i was familiar with the product so didn’t think twice about the design. her boss however, who walked in just as my friend was peeling off the strip and reaching into her shirt to put it in place, did a double take. the look on her face was priceless.

… and, as everyone knows, there’s nothing more attractive than having something to do with feminine freshness hanging off your body.

You’d think the research and development department over there at ThermaCare would have done a better job of designing the thing. Haha.

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