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Spending time over at eMode.

Spending time over at eMode. I love these tests.

Hey, Christine, you’re a Secret Agent!
You’re basically a smart, shrewd, loner. For you, a lifetime in solitary confinement sounds pretty darn fun as long as they serve ice cream. That way you could ponder life’s mysteries without anyone bugging you. But to those lucky enough to know you well, you’re a deeply caring person full of energy and ideas. We wouldn’t be surprised to hear that you collected stamps as a child. (Note: I collected stamps. My mom still has my collection.)

On a personal level, you’re sensitive. You worry too much about how you compare to others, and your mood suffers under such intense personal scrutiny. The flip side is that you feel extra happy when things go well. You’d rather stick with the familiar than deal with strange new emotions or environments. But other times you feel confident and spontaneous and have to suppress your desire to belt out “Copacabana.” Let’s just say you’re kind of like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. (At the Copa… Copacabana… They fell in love…)

Professionally, you like to work in a cubicle and eat lunch at your desk. You like structure and order, so you won’t be disturbed. You like to concentrate on the task at hand and avoid distractions, or else you can get frazzled. But most importantly, your critical eye means that your final product is always top rate (even if you don’t see it that way yourself).

Ok, who the *heck* did these people have spying on me??? I was sooooo happy to move back to my old desk at work yesterday because there are cubicle walls around me – I do not get distracted every single time someone walks past my desk. The last desk I was stuck at had no wall beside it – so any time anyone else in my department (who all had walls beside them) walked away from their desk I had the pleasure of seeing them walk past me – which was very distracting. Now I have a wall again – thank goodness! I actually wrote 2 proposals and sent them out, and definately was able to accomplish more in the afternoon (after the move) then in the morning. It is so true that distractions make me very frazzled, and I have noticed an increase in the past 3-4 weeks of that. So hopefully the move will help cut down on some of that. Now I just need to get better about wearing my headphones to block out all the other noises when I am not on calls so I can get things done. I *hate* having to listen to music while I work, and it truly annoys me that I am forced to do so – I think that if you want to listen to music while you work, fine, by all means do so – *with headphones* – so I don’t have to listen to it if I don’t want to! Even more troubling for my mind is when I have to listen to multiple music plus people talking. So now I have to use my own headphones and listen to music just to drown it all out. I need to find my peaceful music CDs, those ones with the ocean waves and so forth. Hopefully they would just drown out the noise and not put me to sleep!

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