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Double Attack…

For years, I have used Lavasoft’s AdAware program to find the bad things hanging out on my computer and get rid of them. I ran it yesterday and it only found one thing running. Kathy has suggested in the past to use Spybot – Search & Destroy also to help clean up the bad stuff. Considering how wonky my poor laptop has been acting, I thought it might be smart to test it out.

It found and destroyed 86 things that were running on my computer. 86 bad things!

I feel so clean now. Hopefully this will help end some of the bizarre behavior, but I might just run a defrag to go along with it. Any other suggestions on things I can do to keep the computer pristine?

By Christine

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if you’re familiar with your registry, you might want to check out what’s loading in the “run” or “runonce” or “-runonce” keys in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. or just let Mike look at it. i found a bunch of crap loading in there and deleted it all.

It is very great of you to provide this information to everyone since these two programs are great resources to clean your computer and FREE unless you want to make donations to the individuals who created them! Thanks again for being you and helping other’s out!!!

Spybot is just great I have used it myself. If you move over to Firefox don’t have to worry about using Spybot. The couple of months I have used firefox as a browser no threats (bad things) at all have been found on my computer.

Particle, I use Firefox too. I still had 86 bad things to remove. Some may have been left over from the pre-Firefox time of my life, but they were still there. Now it will be interesting to see how clean it stays with Firefox in place.

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