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Normally I just laugh at infomercials. The pot with the strainer lid? I would probably scald my arms trying to use it. Darren’s Dance Grooves? I would never go for it. But the Chef Wizard? I was *this close* (pinchy finger gesture) to picking up the phone and ordering it.

P.T. Barnum was right – I guess there really is a sucker born every minute. Have you ever bought anything from the TV infomercials?

By Christine

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14 replies on “Sucker for the Info…”

We must have been watching the same commercials last night — I thought the same exact thing! When they added a second chef wizard and threw in a straining pasta pot, all for the low LOW price of $14.99, I nearly caved in.

We have to hold back from getting one of those Pasta thingies…John is dying to have one, lol. The funny thing, after we saw the first one (red) we bet each other how long it would take before another one nearly the same would show up. I won…less than a week! Crazy.

I want the Chef Wizard, too, and I’m not even the cook in the house. I agree, if I had unlimited cash supply there’s be a ton of stuff in my place.

never TV, but a couple things at the “as seen on TV” store at the mall. for some reason buying stuff there isn’t as guilt-inducing.

did anyone see the show where they revealed that ginsu knives are just repackaged dollar-bin grocery store knives? and here I’ve been working for a living like a fool!

I bought those little click-on round lights. They did an upsell with us on the phone so we spent $20 and got like 8 of the things. You remember the commercial had them lighting the outdoors and stairs at night?
They last about 15 minutes. Battery hell.
And about two months later they were everywhere for a couple bucks.

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