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I just learned about EFF today at Lawrence Lessig’s address – this is something that I think *everyone* should support if you want to keep the internet as it is, free for sharing. Like he said, if it is up to the corporations, the internet of our grandchildren’s generation will be NOTHING like the internet we know. But you can read more about it there – I’m off to the Digital Web Magazine party!

By Christine

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Well, I hate to be the Voice o’ Doom here, but I don’t think the EFF or anybody is going to stop the corporatists from trying to turn the internet into virtual Disneyland, if only for the simple fact that the masses like Disneyland and will pay to get Disneyland, whether us geeks want it or not. Fortunately, the geeks have some advantages: first, the internet is so huge and complex, it’s extremely tough to police it without making it unusable for everyone (but not impossible by any means – how long until there’s a law mandating a Carnivore box on every server for all ISPs?). Second, for every oppressive regime, there’s an underground, and the geek underground is much cleverer than the normal underground. Not very comforting advantages, though… who wants to have to go underground?

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