Things I’m Good At… (30 Days of Lists: Day 2)

Today’s list is Things I’m Good At. I don’t know about you, but sometimes writing about things I’m good at is hard. I seem to be conditioned to find my faults so much easier than I find my own strengths. I’m working on that though! Definitely a perk of doing these lists!

I’m Good at…
– Photography
– Being crafty
– Loving
– Writing
– Being a friend
– Knitting
– Using a map (totally snagged from Campfire Chic)
– Blogging
– Making pretty graphics
– Procrastiworking
– Laughing
– Crying
– Baking
– Spotting Typos
– Giving Directions
– Twittering (Because that takes skillzzz!)
– Random trivia
– Remembering small details years later
– Singing loudly while alone in my car
– Dancing like no one is watching