Everyone is Beautiful…

As women, we’ve all become too conditioned to not see ourselves as beautiful, and it is a sad thing. All of us – every single one – has a wealth of beauty. Most of us have just taught ourselves to ignore it and only pick on our own faults.

I have discovered an amazing power when I do boudoir photography sessions. I can make women see their true beauty. Almost every woman starts the session nervous, worried about her own personal flaws. By the end, after a lot of laughter and silliness (because every session is better with laughter!), every single client has told me how empowered she feels. How beautiful she feels. How excited she is about the previews I’ve shown her on the camera.

Many of my clients (but not all!) have done sessions originally as a gift for someone else. In the end, they all take away a gift for themselves too.

I think this would happen outside of boudoir sessions as well – I’ve been trying to encourage women to come in for an empowering portrait session even if they don’t want a boudoir session. Something to celebrate their beauty. Something to make them feel strong.

We are all way too hard on ourselves. Everyone IS beautiful.

Thank you to Katherine Center for the link to the video and the inspiration to write the post. I look forward to reading your book!

What do you find beautiful about yourself? (Hard question, isn’t it? It shouldn’t be that way.)