Picture Time Travel Notes

To Federicksburg & Back In One Day


A “quick” trip to Fredericksburg to do a bridal portrait session for Brittany’s niece was exactly what I needed to get my mind off of this week’s drama, and keep me from focusing on waiting for the results. I’m so glad Brittany went along with me, and that she drove most of the way.

In other places in the world, most people wouldn’t consider 4 hours each way close enough to do in a one day road trip. I realize it sounds a little crazy. However, Mike has been gone all week in Calgary, and since he returned to Houston at the same time we arrived there, I wanted to just get back home.

We did make a stop though at Hondo’s on Main for some kick-ass burgers & sweet potato fries. Just what we needed to fuel our journey home.

I have only visited Fredericksburg once before, my senior year in high school on a class trip where we camped at Enchanted Rock. It all looked quite charming, and I definitely want to return soon. Hopefully for more than a few hours next time!

Day 20 of 365. Photograph taken at Hondo’s on Main in Fredericksburg, Texas with my iPhone 5 on April 13, 2013.