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Loving Myself & Losing Weight…

I resolved at the beginning of the year to work hard on losing weight. (Sound familiar? Yeah, I’ve said it every year for 6 years. *sigh*) I’ve already ramped up my water consumption a LOT and within the first 6 weeks of the year I’ve lost 6 pounds. Yay! But then, the plateau arrived.

Today is Valentine’s Day. And as much as I love my husband, my family & my friends, today? I’m going to focus on LOVING MYSELF. Because really, what better way is there to show them that I love them? Taking care of myself seems to be the best thing I can possibly do, so I decided I’m going to start exercising and eating more healthy.

It is scary to put it out there, but I am. My goal is to continue to lose 1 lb a week or just over 4lb a month. (And not lose & regain & lose it again – which is what I feel like I’ve been doing for the past year. Ugh!) I’m giving myself until next Valentine’s Day. I looked into some supplements like Forskolin, and have researched where to buy forskolin extract, and ordered some. I’m serious about this. Yes, for those of you playing along at home, that means I want to lose 52 pounds. I could *really* use your encouragement to make it happen!

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I’m going to set a goal for each week, and then continue to build upon those goals. Goal for week #1 – drinking 100oz of water a day.

My biggest motivation behind losing weight is for my health. I think every woman is beautiful, just as we are — but I think it is important we take care of ourselves, that’s why I use the best neck products just for protection. Who wants to join me?!? Leave me a comment – lets cheer each other on!