I Am Looking Forward To… (30 Days of Lists: Day 3)

Next up for the 30 Days of Lists are things that I’m looking forward to. I’ve realized recently after meeting Me Ra Koh and working with Jeff Jochum that I generally don’t dream beyond the present moment. I’ve been working on it, but I am not there yet – so asking me what I’m looking forward to is a lot more pressure than you might think. Hmm… what am I looking forward to?

– Those few fleeting days of spring weather that Houston has each year
– SxSWi because I haven’t been in a few years
– The Mom 2.0 Summit
– Summer vacation with my family
– A trip to Galveston and time on the Gulf plus time on the Strand
– Returning to New Orleans
– My upcoming destination wedding
– My other work-related trips where I am lucky to get to spend time with friends
– Seeing Ann & Karl’s baby (I got them a Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller as a gift)
– Returning to Belize
– Having my new logo & design materials done for Hot Mama Boudoir
– Moving to the Heights someday
– Good times with my family & friends
– Reading a good book from cover to cover in one day
– An empty Inbox and to do list
– Visiting Europe
– Making my boudoir business bigger than I’ve ever dreamed before
– Figuring out exactly what that means for me.
– Doing something even more with my life