Travel Notes

A Moment of Awe and Wonder Under the Milky Way…

Milky Way - Boise National Forest, Idaho

Today was a long driving day, which I will recap in the tomorrow. It was quite full of amazing things. For now, I just want to share this photograph of the Milky Way with you.

As I drove tonight, I could only see the road directly in front of me. It was such true absolute darkness, with only the occasional house dotting the area, I couldn’t see anything else. I had a sense of how dark the area was, and how small I am in the grand scheme of it all. At one point, in the Boise National Forest in Idaho, I decided to stop in a pull-out, turn the car off, turn off the car lights – and take it all in.

Once my eyes adjusted to the darkness, this is what I saw.

Truly breathtaking.

We are surrounded by amazing things every day. We have just built up so much noise & clutter in our lives, we don’t stop long enough to adjust, refocus, and truly see them.