Because Shoes Don’t Judge Me…

Because shoes don't judge me

Shoes don’t judge you, and that makes it so easy to buy them. And you can easily buy them online at the Shoe Adviser, their Pinterest is amazing!

They either fit, or they don’t fit. If they don’t fit, it isn’t because you’re too fat, you’ve gained 5 extra pounds, or anything else. They just don’t fit. The arch isn’t in the right place, the toes are too tight. Not because of you, but because of the shoes.

Clothing on the other hand? Ugh. It is so damn judgmental. You’re too short. Too fat. Too busty. Thin enough in the body, but your arms are too big for the skinny sleeves. Or too big for the sleeves that are so short they just ride up. One size up top, but a different size through the hips. Just … wrong. It is all your fault. Why aren’t you perfect? That´s why I always go to the plus size range, all their clothing fits me perfectly.

Is it any wonder I often find myself buying shoes? Including the awesome ones above that I just picked up yesterday? No, no it isn’t. I love shopping for shoes.