My Favorite Websites & Blogs (30 Days of Lists: Day 9)

This could be a really, really, really long list if I let it be – I like a lot of websites & blogs! So instead, I’m going to list the places where you can almost always find me online first, followed by some of my favorite blogs to read.

– Gmail
– The SWPB Group on Flickr
– Etsy (beautiful handcrafted goodness!)

I love to read:
Design Sponge
Psychotactics (Business tactics for the small business owner)
The Bloggess

And about a zillion others that I would list if I had time to pull up all their URLs and add them here, but pulling up The Bloggess already sent me off into a 20 minute spiral of reading her posts and posting to twitter about Wil Wheaton. He may have angered the Blogosphere back in 2002, but his photo of him collating papers today totally makes up for it!