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Telemarketers are Evil…

At exactly 9:00 am, according to the caller ID, I received an “Out of Area” call. Evil telemarketers! What, do they have a timer? How could they hit 9:00 so precisely! Evil! Evil, I say!

(Ok, the individuals aren’t necessarily evil. But the telemarketing machine as a whole is.)

By Christine

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It was just amazing that they hit 9am right on the nose. So precisely – not even 9:01!

I’m signed up for the national no-call list (the one you linked), but I don’t think I ever signed up for the Texas one. The national one doesn’t go in to effect until the fall.

I can answer all of the questions that need to be answered. Telemarketing is just like any other job you have to clock in and clock out, there are timers but different shifts do differant parts of the country. YAY! Just thought that you should know that all of us are not evil, we are just trained that way. We have to be loud deep and confident, we cannot deviate from the script, but all at the same time we cannot accept no less than 3 no’s and always be polite if at all possible. ~~~~Mr. Fuzznutt

They are HUSTLERS, CARPET-BAGGERS, CON-ARTISTS AND EMOTIONAL PROSTITUTES. Telemarketers are Bimbos, sleeze-bags, dead-end no-count fraudulent sneaky excuses for human beings and are annoying 2-legged cock-roaches. Every telemarketers that I have ever known PERSONALLY, has swindled me or someone else. I think there is a personality test for them: it’s called: ‘Socialized Psychopathic’ scabs. In my Opinion.

ACTUALLY, telemarketers ARE evil, because it takes a certain TYPE of person to BE a telemarketer…they must be ruthless, heartless, greedy and blood-thirsty; selfish, self-serving, manipulative and without a soul. This is why only CERTAIN TYPES OF PEOPLE actually are able to stick with the slaughter-house-mentality of being a telemarketer, and why most people don’t last at that sort of icky job.

I am a telemarketer and I am very nice. And I am nice one the phone. Just thought I would let ya all know we are all just working folks trying to make a living. Its good money for an easy job. And so ya all know what to do tell us to take you off our list, the national do not call list is a sham. we get numbers from all kinds of places, Do not enter the contest for the car at the mall if ya do…we got ya, Even your power company sells your numbers! So tells us TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST, and get their name and company name and if they call you again you can sue them. Trust. See I am a cool telemarketer.

What that last guy just said may be true for him but i just quit my job as a telemarketer…LISTEN that is a horrible job. it really affects your conscience and basically you do have to be a con artist! that’s how alot of sales are. most people said to me “why don’t you get a real job!” and you know what, that’s what I’m going to do. And we found numbers in phonebooks so there’s no way to avoid that! we didn’t have a system just cold calling and it is NOT easy it is mentally and emotionally draining to sell a product that you wouldn’t buy! and it is NOT good money i couldnt even pay my bills. I have a feeling my next job will be the best one ever

Hi I am a telemarketer. I am 24 years old, married with a husband and expecting my first child. I call people who already have our business and make sure everything is working out for them. I have had several odd jobs but this is the first one who offers two weeks paid vacation, a non commission based salary, job security and the most lovely christian people I’ve ever worked with. I’ve never had an employer appreciate their employees so much with weekly prizes, money give aways, flexible schedules, built in gym. I have been doing this for two years and can honestly say it is not something i’m doing because i’m blood thirsty and a hateful person. most of the people i talk to are happy with my service and are very nice. People who have to swear alot are generally not intelligent people anyway and certainly not someone i would want to have a conversation with. The area i live in used to have lots of steel jobs and other manufacturer jobs and now there is literally almost nothing. People are poor and losing their houses and turning to drugs the whole area is a mess. The company i work for has opened up ten call centers in the area providing more jobs and is the only company growing in the area that is for sure! The center i work for alone employs over 500 people. All I know is that yes my job is stressful at times,but if it wasn’t generating profit the company wouldn’t be growing and I would have to work at mcdonald’s or something, is that considered a real job? Well you can have that and i’ll keep my evil telemarketing job. I don’t know what company the guy above me worked but that job doens’t reflect every telemarketing job. I have health insurance from my job and make well over minium wage. We do no cold calling, the computers dial our numbers out for us. I just don’t understand the mentality of men who I talk to that can say the horrible things they say. I maybe a telemarketer but that doen’t make me not human, I am a woman regardless if you irritated with me or not. Manners regardless if you weren’t expecting my call or not should still come into play. A Simple no thanks is fine, swearing doesn’t change anything about the call, it doesn’t get anything done faster. Those calls are few and far between but still that is the only stress my job really offers me. At the end of the day I go home leave work at home and that is that.

The ignorant comments posted near the top nearly made my heart break; after a long day of telemarketing and abuse (the two often go hand in hand) I searched “I truly love telemarketers” on google, and this is what I come up with?
The calling I do with my company is not strictly selling merchandise, but most of our campaigns have to do with little-known charitable organizations like Alberta Sports and Recreation Association for the Blind, Easter Seals, Canadian Police Organization, the Cancer Fund, and Canadian Cultural Society for the Deaf. Without the “advertisement” of telesales campaigns, many people would remain uninformed about important crises and issues affecting the less fortunate in our society. If telemarketing was outlawed, or simply ceased to exist, do you have ANY idea how much mail you would all get in your boxes every day? How else would lowbudget charities get any recognition and support at all without the news being spread by telephone? Just think of all the trees we’re saving.

Stephen Law, Telemarketing Expert here – wow there are some people out there with some serious venom for others. I’m glad to see Emily and Karen demonstrating that Telemarketing people are not all a bad bunch.

Telemarketing is a broad subject from calling people at home to calling businesses. I specialise in the B2B sector – for the telemarketing novice – that means selling to businesses as opposed to individuals. I’ve been working as a Freelancer in this industry now for about 5 years and I’ve earned a reputation as a straight-talking and friendly guy.

There are some very bad telemarketing people out there, but that’s great for me as people are very pleasantly surprised when they work with me – one of the good guys.

If anyone is serious about learning more about the real side of telemarketing, instead of simply venting their spleen – read my blog at

Kind regards,
Stephen SL-Freelance

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