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The Bad Egg…

I can’t get it out of my head. I keep thinking about it now, ever since it happened. And it freaks me out every time I think about it.

Jason had a friend spend the night on Sunday night since there was no school on Monday. I wanted to make it a special night for them, so we ordered pizza for dinner and watched Shanghi Knights. The boys played Age of Empires II through the LAN (yeah for WiFi!) and had a really good night. I decided to make them pancakes for breakfast on Monday morning.

That’s when it happened.

I had all the ingredients mixed together, I had just added my milk, and the last thing to go in was the egg.

The egg that I can’t stop thinking about. The bad egg.

I cracked it on the glass measuring cup and dumped it in to my bowl without looking at the egg first, and I kid you not … as I saw it go in to the bowl, I realized that the yolk was black! Black! Ok, maybe it was just a dark green, but definitely on the black end of the color spectrum. Black! Thank goodness it slid under the other ingredients fast so I didn’t have to look at it, because otherwise I might have lost it right there on the kitchen floor.

I don’t think I have ever dumped something down my kitchen garbage disposal as fast as I did yesterday morning. I was doing the heebie jeebie big bug dance too – that dance you do when you see a really creepy bug that freaks you out. Eek!

The eggs were a week old, and the expiration date had not passed. It didn’t matter though – I pitched the remaining eggs in the trash, went to the store and got a fresh carton, and cringed as I made a new batch of pancake batter.

It took a lot of effort to make it through my breakfast taco this morning. I kept thinking about that bad egg. Veruca Salt can keep those geese that lay gold eggs for Easter – I seriously need an educated eggdicator! Don’t care how … I want it now!

By Christine

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Just like everyone here, I had a black egg experience, while beginning to make scrambled eggs. The eggs were the kind I always buy – organic, cage-free. The black one didn’t smell, was just all black inside. It was one of the most horrifying experiences I’ve ever had, and it cracks (no pun intended) me up that almost everyone posting here has felt the same way. That bowlful of eggs went into the garbage disposal so fast, and I frantically washed the bowl and also put it into the dishwasher. I did, however, force myself to make myself more eggs and they were okay. I’ve really been creeped out ever since, though, and glad I’ve found my kindred spirits here on this page. What worries me now is – how can I ever make hard-boiled eggs and serve them to people? What happens when they peel one and have such an experience??

Yes, the first black egg experience,and hopefully the last !!! I’m so glad i found this page immediately on googling black egg yolk, it was freaky, it was frightening and yes utterly gross !!! eeek. There is some comfort in reading others reactions, and knowing that I am not alone, in the level of disturbance felt. It was black black, and looked like oil, and yes the rest of the eggs went out. I did try to use them, but when the first bit of omelette, entered my mouth i couldnt bring myself to swallow. I think it will take a while for the black egg yolK effect to wear off !!!

I just cracked open my first black egg like the rest of you guys in the BLACK EGG CLUB! Absolutely unmatched gross-ness!
To hell with eggs to put it nicely. I threw out every egg I have 2dz. and banned them from my home immediately.
I’m joining the veggie club.

OMG…I can’t believe I found this blog….and people are still writing on it. I was going to make a nice saturday breakfast. I am a vegetarian and always buy free range or organic. The first egg was fine, the second…watery with a black yolk. I screamed and put it down the sink then sprayed with lots of kitchen cleaner. I am so glad that I didn’t get the smell along with the visual. That was enough! A few days ago I was making soft boiled eggs, good thing I didn’t use the bad egg then! Bummer, I love eggs! But I will be taking a break for a loooong time. yuck!

Wow- I’m so glad all of us found this support group! I just had my first black egg experience, and I hope it’s my last. I was cracking an egg from a carton that I had already used about half of the eggs- no problem. When I cracked it open, instead of gooey egg white, it was watery, although still the right color. However, the yolk was JET BLACK. I’ve never seen anything like it. Thankfully, I had cracked it alone in a bowl because I was going to use it to coat my chicken for a crust. No smell thank God, but I couldn’t get rid of it fast enough. This is the only website I’ve found- what the hell was it?

Its crazy that nobody knows why black yolk happens but its nice to know it happens, I had my first yesterday. Making breakfast and it smelled good. Corn tortillas, jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, time for the eggs to scramble it all up. On my sixth egg I think and “ugh” I about lost it when out came that nasty horrible black egg right into the pan. Me and my niece yelled out “WTF”, yelled for my husband who came and threw the whole pan. After the shock was over I started over, but this time I broke the eggs into a bowl before adding to the pan, thank goodness no more black eggs.
I was told that it means somebody cursed you but I don’t believe in that and also three people involve in the making of breakfast yesterday.

I had a black yolk experience last night. It was cage free organic egg. I cracked 2 eggs into a chicken noodle soup I was making. The first egg was fine, the second, as I cracked and poured it into the pot – BLACK… It did freak me out and it did smell sort of funky. I did my best to scoop the black egg out of the soup… I gave myself the ‘illusion’ that I got most of it out.

I did not scream, or through out the soup. Once cooked the black yolk turned a green color, so it was easy to ‘dig out’ of the soup, and discard. I was so curious that I ate the soup, and it tasted the way it always did. I must admit I had a funny aftertaste after eating the soup, but did not get ill (which I half expected) and had no other adverse affects from eating the soup.

I would probably not do that again. Also, moving forward, will crack eggs into a separate bowl prior to adding to any dish that I will be preparing.

Today i broke my frst black eggg! it smelled soo disgusstinggg!! i was soo freakedd outt!! i had already put it into the frying before i saww it soo i had to remove it all and thn cook a neeww egg in the same oil and thn wen i was eating the egg the could smell the bad egg!! it was soo disgusting i thought i might puke! is it like a bad omen?

Last night my daughter was making brownies for a family party. It was about 11:00 at night and I was watching the news on TV; my husband was already asleep. All of a sudden I heard a shriek from the kitchen, followed by “eeewww,eeewww, eeewww”, and then a flurry of activity. My daughter appeared in the doorway and asked me to come and look. She was gagging.

So I looked in the bowl and there was a horrible black, evil-looking yolk in the bottom, side-by-side with a normal egg that went in first. But the worst part was the smell! I can’t even describe how intensely foul it was. I covered my nose and mouth and we both started “eeeewwwing” together.

We were so grossed out….but we couldn’t touch the bowl, so my poor husband had to get out of bed and I made him take it outside and dump it over the rock wall because we didn’t even want it in the house. (He wasn’t too happy.)

Then he had to get dressed and go out to Stop & Shop (open 24 hours) to buy another carton of eggs because we needed the brownies to bring to the Labor Day party today.

This morning when we got up, we could still smell the black yolk in the kitchen.

I know of no one who has personally seen a black egg. I am already easily grossed out with eggs, but to see a black one. Making breakfast, I crack my eggs into a bowl before adding them to the skillet, and there is was. eeeewww Immediately put it on the other side of the kitchen and called my husband in. I must have instantly stopped breathing because I did not smell the stench. My husband put it in a Ziploc and took it outside. I am usually curious about things, but I was just too grossed out to even look at it closely, saw black and that was it. Not sure when I might eat eggs again.

I also can’t believe this forum is still running.I have never recovered from my Black egg experience in 2003. The white and the yolk were inky black. I freaked! What made it worse, and how’s this for freaky, is that I had a dream about those black eggs a week before it happened! Unexplained… I think this warrants a Facebook page for other victims LOL!

I JUST HAD MY FIRST BLACK EGG YOLK EXPERIENCE. Oh man, that was horrifying. I cracked the first egg without a problem. Then, I cracked the second egg, and the white seemed WAY too watery. Then…the pure black nasty yolk poured out. Now, I have seen a ton of gross things in my life, but nothing like this. Then, I threw it down the disposal and it immediately STUNK.

I read every single comment here and I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I hope to never witness that again.

Ha! Just whipping up a batch of cookies and whammo! Bad egg. So completely disgusted. The smell will stay with me forever.
I want to get right back on the saddle and try to make the cookies (now that I’ve scoured the bowl and spoon).
The egg kind of exploded as a cracked it. AND I KNEW I should have cracked it in another bowl first!!!

I am going to call my mum to see if she’s ever had this happen to her.

I know this is an old post but I just want to say– I had my first black egg yolk this morning and I am HORRIFIED. As soon as I saw it I was gagging and had to turn away, and to make it worse the smell was ROTTEN. They weren’t old eggs, not past their expiration but I had to get it out of the house quickly and I’m still gagging over the thoughts of it. What’s worse is, when I went to crack it, my thumb slipped and I even touched it. I was google’ing what it could be when I found this post. Ugh!!!

PS, these were also organic eggs. I didn’t even crack the other ones, but trashed immediately. I worked in a hospital several times and never smelled something that bad. Still want to vomit.

I have 30 chickens and 16 ducks laying eggs daily. some of the bird eat lots of green wheeds called duck weed. Their eggs have a yoke color ranging from grey to dark green almost black. I gather my eggs daily and know they are not old. I eat them and can tell no difference in the taste of the dark yoke and a yellow yoke egg

I just opened a black egg tonight, and yes, it smells exactly like rotten eggs. It was the first time I’d ever come across that, as well. I’ve never bothered cracking them and pouring them into something else first, but I certainly will now. I’ve been frying up all of the remaining eggs, and they’ve all been fine. It bothers me that one bad one caused you to trash the rest of them. There’s a good chance that was the only bad one you had. It probably had a small pinhole in the shell, that allowed bacteria to invade the inside.

Since others are still posting guess I will also. I had never seen or heard of a black yolk before tonight. No smell with mine but I wasn’t taking any chances. (Especially with the salmonella outbreak in eggs from here in Iowa.) It wasn’t pleasant but didn’t put me off eggs. I googled black egg yolks and this is the only place that I found that even mentioned black yolks.

PS, these were also organic eggs. I didn’t even crack the other ones, but trashed immediately. I worked in a hospital several times and never smelled something that bad. Still want to vomit.

I was just making scarmbled egg and when I opened the egg, not only was it black, but there was also a smell, if my mum wasn’t there to take it off me I swear I would have thrown up there and then. I’ve scrubbed my hands for about 10 minutes with all kinds of soap, it’s been 20 minutes science then and I can still smell it on my hands. I’m never cracking an egg open again! EWWW!!!!!

Today I experienced my first black egg yolk experience during breakfast, I did not cringe, I did not scream or did I gag, I just simply dumped the egg batter in the garbage and started over. I don’t know I just didn’t expect this egg, I’m glad I found a egg-support group.

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