The Book Report…

Thought I should share a picture of the Aslan the Lion pumpkin that Jason made to go with his book report on “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. He got a 100 on the project! YEAH! Isn’t it cute? (The written book report was a larger portion of the grade of course, but not as cute to look at!)

By Christine

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8 replies on “The Book Report…”

On a side note, are you able to remove the pumpkin so you could use the costume over and over? I would hope so cause that would be a shame if the pumpkin rotted in it. Wow I just thought of something. You should make and sell costumes for pumpkins! Wouldn’t that be something… I wonder if anyone else has come up with that idea.

Adorable!! We skipped the pumpkin cutting this year for a lot of reasons. Coincidentally, my 7 year old is reading the Chronicles of Narnia series. She’s on “The Silver Chair.”

We didn’t make it so that it could be removed, but the fur on the pumpkin is just “hot-glue gunned” on to it, so we could probably remove it. But then we would have to have another pumpkin the same size … it’s a tiny pumpkin! LOL It will probably just go in the trash with the pumpkin when it’s time comes…

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