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I received this letter today instead of the Busy Woman Tips letter that Susie normally sends out. I felt it was so perfectly written that I asked for her permission to post it here:

I had an article set up to send today. But amidst the recent tragedy, I can not bring myself to send it. My thoughts today are on all the different people who’ve come to our beautiful FREE country for many reasons. But most of all, they’ve come here for FREEDOM. I’ve been in a haze since what happened actually sank in. I have all of the same feelings that everyone else has. Unfortunately, I’m hearing of hate crimes that personally hurt my heart. So this is what is on my mind as of right now.

FEAR – My fear is for my friends who are Muslim or from the middle east. Most of these friends are Christians. The ones that are not are still wonderful human beings who would NEVER wish this upon us or anyone.

Our country is supposed to be based on diversity. It feels like people often use their diversity or rather uniqueness to advance themselves or get things. But this past week, almost every American has not called themself something other than “American.” While that warms my heart, I’m still hearing and seeing horrible things happen to other “Americans” because of nationality.

My prayer now is that no longer will we have White Americans, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, etc…, but only “AMERICANS.” I love everyone no matter what your race, religion,


Unity is now flowing on the river of tears we’re shedding for those who’ve been lost or injured. New bonds are forming that would have never been possible before. People everywhere are coming together as friends. Americans just took a MAJOR tragedy and are turning it into joy.

Let us not forget, yet let us move on in this manner forever.

I was shocked the other day when orders started coming in. But people told me that they refuse to allow the terrorists to destroy us. Our President has told us that we must continue on or the terrorists have won. I shut down for the last few days barely able to eat or sleep. I didn’t and don’t want to work. I just wanted to sit in front of the TV. But today again my friends are reminding me that they need to move on and set up their schedules. Our children need us to continue in stability for them.

Thank you for allowing me to share that Susie. It breaks my heart to hear over & over from people how they have friends of Middle Eastern descent who are being mistreated like this. Such a shame. Please people, spread the word – stop the hate.

By Christine

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