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Britney Spears: I’m Not So Innocent

It’s ok Britney. We figured out that you weren’t a virgin some time ago. Really though, does someone’s virgin status matter? With TAR4, they kept pointing out that the one couple had dated for 12 years and yet they were still virgins. Yeah for them – but so what? Why is anyone’s sex life an issue for public discussion? Well, unless they make it one – which was exactly what Britney did. Somehow, I think I would have preferred she told the media the truth. [via Leia]

By Christine

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I see that Britney has to keep the Public Relations machine rolling along.
Popularity and sales are driven by two things for a pop artist today: speculation of who they are doinking and how good the lip sync is in concert

I read that last night. The only thing that I could think of was, “Well DUH!” LOL I got the impression that the whole announcement thing was just another publicity stunt. Ah well… I guess these days it just goes with the territory. 🙂

[begin sarcasm]
Well personally, I just totally can’t believe that Britney did “it”.

I mean I’ve been looking up to her for so long as an inspiration, as a role model. And now all my ideas are crushed, just like she was when Justin left her.

I’ve been saving myself all this time, just to be like Britney. Now I guess I’ll have to go out and find me a man to sleep with.
[end sarcasm]

Please excuse me. I haven’t had my meds today.

(TAR4? Whassat?) I saw that this morning and my first thought was, and I care … why? People date for long enough, I assume they’re sleeping together and that it’s none of my business. I have to agree with Jill — publicity stunt. *rolling eyes*

Media attention is what she is craving…not a kiss as she says. I guess when you aren’t in the light for a while you have to put yourself there. I could care less about their sex lives…

And…what is TAR4?????

Oh, MishMish, you poor thing. I would go mad. (Ok, I guess not everyone would go mad over that, so it’s just me.) I don’t normally like the reality shows, but I’ve watched TAR since the first season and I *love* it. I love seeing all the places around the world that they visit, and they amuse me to no end!

So, I was listening to Disney Radio the other day (there is not much on the radio where I live 😉 ). It seems to be geared to 8-12 year old girls. They played Britney’s “Opps, I Did It Again” and I was surprized that they cleaned up the song with new words over the “I’m not that innocent” refrain. [sarcasm] We do need to protect young girls from such naughty things… and now we know the truth about Britney.[/sarcasm]

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