The Final Days…

There is a video going around Facebook right now with a David Letterman Top 10 about Things We’ll Miss about Bush. Poking around YouTube looking for it, I realized that it is actually part of a White House Correspondent’s video. (It aired originally in front of Bush, making it even more awesome.)

Of course, seeing that video reminded me of one of my all time favorite videos. Oh, how we hope we see more of Former President Bill Clinton in the next four years.

You’re riding the wave of the future, my man!

By Christine

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just curious about the last comment … which part of clinton would you like to see??? hopefully not the part where he destroys the moral compass of our nation as commander in chief caught cheating on his wife.

Really? Really? That is all it took to destroy the moral compass of the nation? Uhm… yeah. Sorry, but I’m sure that there were more presidents that cheated on their wives. We’ve just reached a point in our society where the news can find out anything.

I’m not saying it was right. But personally, I seriously don’t think *that* one thing destroyed the moral compass of our nation any more than all the other lies the government tells us all the time. I’m still waiting for those Weapons of Mass Destruction to show up. And I want some Bin Laden.

…George Washington owned slaves and Kennedy had affairs too–I challenge someone to find a single person who does not have a dark side- I’ve noticed the duality lately—-God created Satan(I’m assuming that’s the “moral compass” the above comment dude is referring to-God.)-SO God obviously was involved in some kind of negative stuff too–flooding the whole world and such was another example of “negative” action. I’d prefer that people stop pointing at each other about crap like this cuz-FYI- EVERYBODY screws up and just cuz u do something “questionable” doesn’t sum up who u are!

BESIDES- People who HAVE made choices that have put their moral fiber into question and caused others to point at them are usually the most understanding and forgiving. It’s the self-righteous, closed minded hypocrites that seem to be the most hateful.
I hope that when YOU make YOUR next mistake, you have someone there who made many mistakes and can empathize and forgive you because THAT’S what shows a REAL moral compass.

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