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The Grand Tetons in the the Fall…

Jenny Lake - the Grand Tetons

It is our last day in the Grand Tetons this fall, and I have to admit it – I’m a little sad to go. There is something about the majestic mountains, just rising out of the lake. Well, what we can see of the mountains, since they are covered in clouds at the top.

It turned out to be the perfect time to see the fall colors, and that coupled with the snow has been breathtaking. Dressing in layers helped to keep us plenty warm; I’m sure my cashmere sweater I’m wearing under my windbreaker helped! Plus handknits – you should always have handknits on when it is cold.

I’ve been told it is a little unseasonably cold here this week; I don’t think the temperature has been above 44 degrees or so since we arrived, but it is forecasted to go higher today. That is good, since yesterday afternoon they were showing roads completely closed in Northeast Yellowstone. Fortunately, we are heading to Southwest Yellowstone and Old Faithful this afternoon, which was never closed. Thanks to the sun coming out, the rest of the roads are open again now as well.

We left the cabin early to head to Jackson for dinner, that way I’d be sure to have enough time to stop along the highway to Jackson to take a photo of the Snake River and the Grand Tetons, a view made famous by Ansel Adams. (You can see his version here from the US National Archives on Flickr.)

The Snake River and the Grand Tetons

I may have been heard claiming that I was, “All Ansel Adams, bitches!” Whatever, don’t hate me. It was my birthday.

I was amused that EVERY photographer there – and there were many of them – had giant Manfrotto tripods with their cameras, filters mounted to the front — and I was hand-holding my 5D mkIII and taking photos with my iPhone. I pointed out that having been a wedding photographer for years, tripods just aren’t my thing. Gun & run, gun & run. I’d much rather get what I want and go.

The clouds finally parted more as we headed south to Jackson.

Driving from Grand Tetons to Jackson, Wyoming

Dinner last night at Local in Jackson was fabulous – I had the Caeser Salad and a Filet Mignon, with a side of their house made Idaho fries. Mike also had the Caeser Salad as well, with the Buffalo Steak Frites. We headed to CocoLove for chocolate for dessert, which was as good as Michelle told me it would be. Yummm… Matter of fact, it was all so good I forgot to take photographs of it before I ate! Oops! Just know it was amazing, and if you go to Jackson, Wyoming you should be sure to eat at both places!

Now off to Yellowstone! Old Faithful awaits!

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